AI-5G Connected Docking Systems
Smart drone docking system for automatically arrive at the destination and exchange batteries can contain 10~20 drone batteries and can exchange the batteries automatically to conduct ground services.
1Smart docking station

High-tech smart docking solution for stabilized drone duty

Wave 3D’s drone docking system & solution has been performed to park drone safely using GPS, Radar, 3D positioning and camera technologies. Also, this docking can exchange 10 ~ 20 batteries automatically and conduct ground services with wheels.

2Smart drone battery pack& exchange system

Battery system for constant flight

Drone battery pack has needed for automatic drone diagnose and regular flight to increase continuous drone work time of 150min ~ 300min with safely automatic drone battery exchange

  • - Optimized BMS circuitry included
  • - Built-in 6S1P lithium polymer battery
  • - Available for automatic replacement of batteries for diagnostic drones as well as industrial drones
  • - Includes dedicated connectors and locks for easy insertion and remova